Monday, 24 August 2009

Fresh Borlotti Salad with Focaccia [#143]

Well......OK, we don't live in Notting Hill or Florence, so the chances of getting fresh borlotti beans were well-nigh impossible. As a consequence, I used excellent tinned borlotti from Valfrutta - if you see them, then get them - they are steamed in the tin, so no gloopy liquid around them, and they have a wonderful texture. I gussied them up with a lemony parsley dressing, blanched green beans, onions and good albacore tuna from a jar, not a tin. I did make my own focaccia, however, using an amazing method where you leave a very wet dough with hardly any yeast in to rise in the fridge over 18 hours. Very nice, and lots left for tomorrow. I guess this was stretching Nigel's recipe almost to breaking point, but I think I am allowed after all this ruddy effort!

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