Sunday, 30 May 2010

Eton Mess

There are so many versions of this recipe, and it is really up to the cook to decide how they want it. For me, there needs to be the right balance betweeen creaminess and fruitiness - sometimes, there is just too much cream. I slice strawberries (these ones from Rectory Farm just north of Oxford) and mix them with more strawberries, pureed, and lightly sweetened. Then I mix softly whipped cream with some Greek Yoghurt to cut the richness and crumble in store-bought meringues - absolutely fine for this, as they stay nice and crisp. Then I layer the fruit and cream mixture in a glass, rather than mixing it all together - that way, you can taste each of the constituent parts, and it is less of a 'mess' - but each to their own, if you like to whack it all in a bowl and mix it together, then don't let me stop you!

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