Saturday, 8 May 2010

Asparagus and Ricotta Tart [off challenge]

Well, the challenge and the blogging was put on hold for a while after our lives were turned upside down at Easter. It isn't that I haven't been cooking, I just didn't have the energy or the enthusiasm for trawling through the books or doing much blogging. I shall try to remedy this now that life has got back to normal. So, tonight - still not a 'challenge' recipe, but one I wanted to share. A simple quiche, but one that showed that the quality of the ingredient is everything. My lovely friend Deb gave me some beautiful eggs from her chooks, so I wanted to do them justice. We forget that eggs are a seasonal ingredient, and properly raised chickens produce wonderful eggs at this time of the year, with the increased daylight. These were huge, with rich yellow yolks, and as fresh as can be. Mixed with ricotta, grated Grana Padano (or Parmesan), a touch of cream and some cooked asparagus, then baked in a pre-cooked shortcrust pastry case, we ended up with a delicate, savoury treat. Served with the best-ever lettuce from our Riverford Organics box scheme and some roasted tomatoes, it was a veggie delight. Thanks Debs, and thanks, too, to your ladies!


  1. I did a quiche yesterday and I agree with you about the quality of the eggs - it was absolutely delicious. Your quiche looks absolutely delicious.
    I'm glad to see you back and very sorry that things have been upside down for you. You have been missed.
    J x

  2. I'm sorry things haven't been good for you too, Maggie -- I was wondering where you were. Hope things are better now.

    Hmm, I have some asparagus and sheep's milk ricotta in the fridge ...