Thursday, 20 May 2010

Crespelle con Asperagi [#246]

Or, asparagus pancakes to you and me. An adaptation of a Marcella Hazan recipe - hers was veggie, but I added a slice of Parma ham to each pancake before spreading it with cooked, diced asparagus in a rich Parmesan and nutmeg white sauce, rolling up, and baking with a little more of the sauce poured over. This is such a scrumptious recipe, and one that I have cooked every year, probably for the last 15 years or so. Sometimes, I use Gruyere cheese, sometimes Cheddar, but the Parmesan is a must, as is the nutmeg.


  1. Only one thing to say: Mmmmmmmmmm

  2. I agree Joy. This is such an old favourite, you know how you have some recipes that you just cook, almost on a defualt setting. This is definitely one. I make a large stack of pancakes and store the extra in the freezer, as they make a great supper dish, stuffed with all sorts of good things: mushrooms, or creamy chicken or Bolognese sauce. Spina and ricotta, the list is endless. But the Asparagus and Ham is pretty darn good!

  3. I've never tried this recipe before and your description is so good(and photo) I can almost taste it. a

    Again, will need to wait for our asparagus season to give this a try, cheers Annie