Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Winter Vegetable Broth with Chorizo and Haricot Beans [#203]

The snow is lying nearly a foot deep around Oxford tonight, in common with the rest of the country. We want carbs and plenty of them to keep the cold out. This lovely fragrant broth from Rachel Allen was just the ticket and used up the remaining chicken stock from the chicken pie earlier. Finely diced carrot and onion (no leeks sadly, they are all frozen in the ground), a little diced red pepper and a potato, and around 70g or so of diced chorizo. Simmered with 900ml of stock, with a drained tin of haricot beans added towards the end. I also threw in a handful of baby spinach. Just before serving stir through masses of chopped coriander, which really lifts the flavour. Plenty for lunch tomorrow. Yum! However, we still weren't full so followed with Potato, onion and cheese bake.......see next entry.

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