Friday, 8 January 2010

Colcannon with Kale [#205]

Leafing through Nigel Slater's 'Tender' and the potato section, for something to accompany home-made 'Southern-fried chicken' (using the poached legs from the chicken pie earlier in the week) I came across Nigel's suggestion for colcannon with kale. Just right - fluffy mash, mixed with some steamed and finely chopped kale, along with some spring onions softened in butter and milk. Immensely soothing served in great big billowy clouds with the crunchy (baked) chicken. Well, it was -17.7C in Oxfordshire the other night, we NEED carbs! So nice to be cooking with Nigel again! I did mean to last night but had a fall on the ice and injured my wrist. So, instead of a dish of baked paper-thin sliced parsnips and celeriac that I had my eye on, we made a soup with the ingredients instead, which was utterly delicious - however, we can't really claim this as a challenge recipe, as it was essentially a different dish. Lovely combo though.


  1. Ouch, Maggie, I hope you didn't damage your wrist too much.

  2. have you had it xrayed? don't want to be breaking your scaphoid.

  3. Thanks for the concern, both! The wrist is fine, just a bit bruised and sore, but I have it strapped! It was rather amusing yesterday, trying to coach Hubby in the art of flouring, egging and breadcrumbing chicken, as I only had one wroking hand!