Thursday, 23 September 2010


Or Thick Bean and Vegetable Soup to you! Now, I could never be a vegan, as I like my dairy too much, but if forced, I could live on this soup for a while (and would probably be much healthier for it). It is an Italian soup, and roughly translated, this apparently means 'thousands of cooks', as, like Minestrone, it has lots of variations. This version, from Italian veggie guru Ursula Ferrigno, is essentially a mix of cooked chickpeas, green lentils, borlotti and cannellini beans, simmered with a lot of fresh, skinned tomato, stock, onion, celery and carrot. Half the soup is blended, and returned to the pot with lots of steamed Savoy cabbage and masses of chopped parsley. It is very healthy and filling, although I wouldn't recommend standing downwind of me after a couple of hours........Some recipes recommend adding pasta but I preferred it with bread instead. A little fresh rosemary is a nice addition too.

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