Tuesday, 7 September 2010

The Lifecycle of half a leg of Roast Lamb

There are just the two of us in our little household, but I never shy away from cooking a joint of meat - you hear some people say "oh, it is too much for two" as they tuck into a Fray Bentos Sliced Beef and Gravy or some other monstrosity. Of course, two people won't polish off a whole chicken, or a joint of beef, or half a leg of lamb, at one sitting, but think of the leftovers! On Sunday, I roasted a lovely half leg of lamb that had been tunnel boned and stuffed with loads of garlic and rosemary - very nice with gravy, turnip gratin and some spinach, thank you very much. We had loads left over so:
Monday - we made a Lamb Ragu by mincing half of the remaining meat and simmering it with tomatoes, the remaining gravy, a splosh of red wine and some roasted veggies. Tossed through chunky rigatoni pasta, it was perfect for a wet evening after work.
Tuesday - tonight, I have just finished making some rissoles with the final bit of meat, minced with onion, garlic, breadcrumbs, mint, parsley, egg and some Garam Masala powder. They were then shaped into patties, egg-and-breadcrumbed, and will be fried to serve alongside new potatoes, roasted tomatoes and runner beans (reminds me of the old joke - what's in a rissole? Earhole, Eyehole and Ar$ehole - well not in mine, there ain't!)
I was left with the shank bone, which, were I being really frugal, and were it a bit chillier, I would have boiled up and made into Scotch broth, with turnip, carrot, leeks and barley.
So, love your leftovers, get that lovely joint of meat, and make the most of it for a good couple of frugal days.

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