Wednesday, 10 February 2010

A Rich Dish of Brussels Sprouts and Cheese [#217]

This could only be Nigel Slater, with a title like that! This is, in essence, Brussels Sprouts in a cheesy, mustardy sauce, grilled until bubbling brown and piping hot, then served, as Nigel suggests, with pasta. Just the ticket for a cold February night, with the snow flurrying around the door. Cheap too! Nigel suggested Stichelton Blue cheese, but I'm not a fan of blue cheeses, so we went with a good-quality Cheddar and Parmesan - not too much, just enough to give a tang of cheesiness to proceedings, yet not enough to make your eyelids sweat - LOL! This is a moveable feast, so go with what you have - Gruyere would be good, I reckon, and even some Mozzarella. Basically, trim and halve some sprouts, boil for 3 minutes, until tender but still vigorous (a bit like how I like my men). Make up a good cheese sauce using about half a pint of milk for two people. Unite the two ingredients in a gratin dish, top with Parmesan and grill till brown and bubbling. Picture courtesy of

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