Sunday, 7 February 2010

Chocolate and Hazelnut Toffee Tart [#215]

A stonker from Rachel Allen. If you like millionaire's shortbread, then you'll love this - a fully baked shortcrust pastry base, spread with a hazelnut toffee sauce (soft brown sugar, butter and cream, bubbled together for 3-4 minutes, then chopped toasted hazelnuts folded in). Once this sets, spread with a ganache of dark chocolate and more cream, and leave to set. Do they eat this in Heaven? Or perhaps Hell? It makes a difference, you know, 'cos I ain't going to whichever doesn't serve it.........


  1. I've spiued this recipe before and I've always wante dto try it but fear the tooth decay it would bring on. But seeing your photo's is helpign me to think more along the lines of crossing that bridge when I come to it lol

  2. Just brush and floss afterwards, you'll be fine! And even if we end up old, wrinkled and toothless, we'll have had fun along the way! It WAS a delicious tart, we ate the rest of it last night, but definitely an occasional treat