Saturday, 28 November 2009

Pot Roast Pheasant with Celery and Sage [#183]

Firstly, sorry for the huge gap since the previous entry - busy, busy, busy, with a crook back and a trip up north to our friends in Lancaster. Still, while we were there, we cooked this delicious recipe. Surprisingly, no official online presence, so you know the mantra by now....go buy the book! Anyway, to give a taste of the recipe: we used FOUR pheasants (greedy), which are carefully browned in butter, then casseroled for an hour with chunks of celery, small potatoes, an onion, lots of garlic, sage leaves and......a bottle of white vermouth. The birds threw loads of wonderful juices, and emerged tender and succulent, which is a triumph for pheasant. Absolutely lovely all-in-one recipe, and great served with roasted roots and sprouting broccoli. We had a lot of pheasant left over, so we shredded it the next day and 'potted' it with melted butter flavoured with lemon zest and juice, mace, and generous salt and pepper. A few spoons of the left-over braising juices were added too. Packed into a bowl and chilled, it made the most amazing 'rillettes' to serve with hot toast. Great recipe all round, and our friends' 3 little boys couldn't get enough of it, with even the 8 month-old cheekily reaching over to his his brother's plate to grab a pheasant leg!

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