Sunday, 6 May 2012

White Chocolate Cheesecake

I blogged about this two years ago but didn't give the recipe - I can't think why as it is so simple but produces such reliable and delicious results.  It is suitable for veggies, too, as no gelatine is needed.  Crush 125g of digestive biscuits and mix with 75g of melted butter.  Press into the base of a 8" loose-bottomed cake tin and refrigerate.  You can use shortbread instead if you prefer.  Just whizz in the food processor or bash with a rolling pin (after putting in a plastic bag first....).  Now, put 250g of mascarpone in a bowl, along with 100ml of double cream, 75g of caster sugar and a teaspoon of vanilla essence.  Beat with an electric whisk on low speed until combined - it helps f the cheese has been at room tempreature for an hour or so.  Now, carefully melt 200g of white chocolate (a good brand please, not Milky Bar) in a bowl over a pan of gently simmering water.  When just melted, pour the chocolate into the cheese mix and stir together with a metal spoon.  Plop the lot onto the biscuit base, spread out evenly and leave to set for several hours in the fridge - overnight is best.  Now serve in slices with whatever you like - we had rhubarb and strawberry compote tonight, but in the past I've used passion fruit, pureed mango, pureed raspberries, blueberry compote - all go deliciously with the sweet creamy cheesecake.  This will serve 8 people as it is quite rich.

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  1. i was eating white chocolate this afternoon with a discarded centimetre of lapsang souchon in a mug next to me on my desk. i couldn't help but think the smokey tea went very well with the cheese cake. maybe i'll try making some mini versions of this to try that idea out.