Wednesday, 21 March 2012


This'll put hairs on your chest.  A Pasticcio is essentially a greek version of an Italian meat and pasta bake.  The pasta is mixed with a ragu made from minced lamb, onions, garlic and tomatoes, and seasoned with ground cinnamon (not too much) and dried oregano.  Once thick and reduced, mix the sauce with cooked pasta - a chunky variety such as rigatoni is good, then top with a cheesy, nutmeggy white sauce and parmesan and baked until set and bubbly-brown on top.  The cinnamon gives it a really different flavour and is what edges it a couple of countries to the right from Italy to Greece - a moussaka lasagne, if you like.  Anyway, for 4, use 500g of minced lamb and a regular tin of tomatoes, and you will need around 300g of pasta, and half a pint of cheese sauce.  This makes a cheap and substantial dinner, and could be done for around the fiver mark, depending on the cost of your meat - however, I'd say go for good quality and then it might push it up to the six quid bracket.  Still great value though.

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