Monday, 7 June 2010

Asparagus and Herb Frittata

I was away over the weekend with little time to shop, so fell back on the veg box (not literally, you understand, else we'd be having smashed vegetables) to supply supper, and it was lovely. I slow-roasted a thinly sliced head of fennel, a couple of orange peppers, onion and tomato wedges, with olive oil and garlic. I hate how most recipes tell you to do this in a fiercely hot oven - you usually end up with charred, dehydrated lumps of carbon. Do it slowly and the veg stays juicy and goes 'jammy' and intense. Some asparagus got the same treatment. The asparagus was then made into a frittata with parsley and chives added to the eggs. The other roasted veg were used to top a platter of the crunchiest and tastiest Little Gem lettuce I've ever had, again, courtesy of Riverford organics. Why do the supermarkets remove so much of the green outer leaves? Anyway, with some crusty sourdough bread, this was a delicious start to the week.

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