Sunday, 14 April 2013

Saketini cocktail

To celebrate my return to blogging, here is a recipe for tonight's cocktail, the wonderful 'Saketini'.  This blend of Sake, Vodka and Orange Triple Sec makes for an elegant accompaniment to the Umami flavours of Tamari and Black Sesame Rice Cakes.  Take 1 portion of vodka (just good old Stoly will do), 2.5 of Sake (don't use premier quality, we use the widely-available Sawanotsuru brand), 0.5 of Orange Curacao, and (if you have any) a dash or two of orange bitters.  Stir well over ice (shaking would make it go cloudy) and serve in a Martini glass with a thin slice of cucumber. (Again, optional, but it does add another layer of flavour).  So, future blogs will be about various things: seasonal fruit and veg, as always, along with some classic recipes that peopl have asked for, some more Under a Fiver, and (a particulare favourite of mine in these cash-strapped times) using up leftovers.  Let me know if there is anythng in particular you want.  It won't be as frequent as before, as I have other projects on the go, but whenever something good comes along, I'll share it with you!


  1. Yay, welcome back! I've missed your postings.

    J x

  2. You're back!! I missed you too :)

    I know, I'm not updating my blog either, so I can hardly complain ...

  3. Hello ladies! Lovely to hear from you! I got a really nice message from Sunny too, so I must respond to her. The old (and the best!) OU gang is back