Monday, 6 February 2012

The life-span of roast duck: Peking -style Duck Pancakes

I got a bargain deal from Ocado of 6 duck legs for a tenner.  Sadly, this won't qualify for the under a fiver challenge, but it is still a snip, and I have lots of delicious duck to use up.  Yesterday, the crisp roasted legs were served with a sauce made from the pan juices boiled with Vouvray white wine, and the juice and zest of a Seville orange, with just a touch of honey.  Scrummy.  Tonight, I shredded another couple of cooked legs, including the skin, which was crisped in the oven along with some home-made crepes from the freezer - just as good as the more authentic Chinese pancakes.  The shredded duck meat was quickly stir-fried with some hoisin sauce, and all was served with shredded spring onion and cucumber, and a big bowl of stir-fried greens, red pepper, shallot, ginger and garlic.  Yum!  Quick cassoulet tomorrow with the remaining 2 duck legs.

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