Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Book Choice Wobble

Oh dear! Doubts are starting to creep in! Do I really want to be 'saddled' with the Kitchen Diaries all year? Hubby has already pointed out that there are four recipes for red mullet. Four!? The only mullet I've had was a bad hairdo in 1976! (Kidding - my hair was always immaculate, and I have EATEN mullet on many occasions, but never cooked it).

I am fond of another book at the mo - Alistair Hendy's 'Home Cook' but maybe it won't be enough of a challenge?

NO! Stop prevaricating - Nigel's it will be, but I will also resolve to cook as many recipes I can from Alistair too.

As New Year will be spent away with friends, I shan't be blogging on here until a week into 2009. But I will already have a recipe to add, as I am cooking Nigel's Goose with juniper gravy and lemon puree

Happy New Year all!


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